Friday, January 6, 2006

Great alternative ways to use Google

Find synonyms
The first one is to use Google to find synonyms for specific words. This following example will give you all the synonyms for food.~food

Google Currency
Great small tool, so you can convert the money currency from one to another.Currency of Sweden in American dollar

Specific file types
You can add a filter to only search for specific file types, I use this tool a lot, I love it, I often want to only find pdf files instead of websites."how to" filetype:pdf

Search in a specific site
You can choose only to search in a specific domain and not all the web, by defining the domain like so.photoshop

Weather forecast
I have never used this yet though, so it's quite new to me, but fun to discover, maybe I will begin to use it in the future, if it covers more than the US.Weather New York