Sunday, February 3, 2008

Website Design Services

Website design for many visitors, your website will be their first point of contact with your business, and therefore must represent the professionalism of your enterprise and capture their attention.Usable, accessible web design In close consultation with you, we will work towards creating a design that is both appealing and provides access to important information rapidly.
The notion of "accessibility" is also something that is very important to us, and we pride ourselves in constructing websites that are extremely easy to use and navigate – this is done in compliance with the latest standards agreed by the W3C.Getting your website foundWe will also take great pains to ensure that your website achieves excellent positioning on the important Search Engines and have a very strong track record in achieving top rankings on Google and other systems. This will, in turn, increase the likelihood of attracting potential customers.

Ongoing support and maintenance. We are committed to providing full support for the websites we build long after they have gone "live" and fully understand that things do not stay the same for long on the World Wide Web, and so will advise you of any recommendations we might have regarding the best ways to keep your site moving forwards.If you're interested in having a website developed for your business, don't take any chances - talk to us first!You might also be interested in...

We live and breathe accessible web design and development - we are so passionate about the creation of standards-compliant, content managed websites and eCommerce stores, it is quite probable that we dream in XHTML and CSS. Website design, web design packages, website development, web & graphic design Dynamic webs have designed and programmed several hundred web sites. We have developed the expertise to utilise a broad range of knowledge to approach conception and design procedure in the most effective way. Using our own panel of experts covering all aspects of design, marketing and technical consultancy, we are able to assist customers who have extremely diverse requirements.

The comprehensive nature of our service has proved to be invaluable to our clients who have made substantial savings already during design-concept and planning phases.Dynamic Webs provide a special online service, which allows you to view the progress of the web sites construction. This enables you to suggest andanticipate issues regarding the web site development as well as do the proof reading - testing as and when the site has been developed.